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Visual Studio Shortcut: Extend Column

Sometimes we need to make an identical code change in the same column(s) of consecutive lines. Typing the change in each line is slow and annoying. Copy/paste is better, but still too inefficient.

It would be great to select the column(s) in the consecutive lines and have whatever keys we press apply to each line. Visual Studio enables this through the set of extend column shortcuts. These keyboard combinations are similar to their equivalent extend selection but include the Alt key.


Char Left Extend Column: Shift + Alt + Left Arrow

Char Right Extend Column: Shift + Alt + Right Arrow


Line Down Extend Column: Shift + Alt + Down Arrow

Line Up Extend Column: Shift + Alt + Up Arrow


Line End Extend Column: Shift + Alt + End

Line Start Extend Column: Shift + Alt + Home


Word Next Extend Column: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Right Arrow

Word Previous Extend Column: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Left Arrow


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