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Visual Studio Shortcut: Extend Selection

Everyday we select code to act on it; maybe we want to comment it, copy/cut/paste it, or extract it to a method. Within the Edit category of Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts, selecting code is a precursor to many of the others. So let's learn to extend selection without using the mouse. These shortcuts are even more useful when combined with each other.

Bonus: these shortcuts work throughout the OS; try them anywhere there is text input.


Character Right Extend: Shift + Right Arrow

Character Left Extend: Shift + Left Arrow


Line End Extend: Shift + End

Line Start Extend: Shift + Home


Word Next Extend: Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow

Word Previous Extend: Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow


Line Up Extend: Shift + Up Arrow

Line Down Extend: Shift + Down Arrow


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